6 Best Practices For Getting Found On Pinterest

Here are my 6 BEST Practices for Getting Found on Pinterest!

6 BEST Practices for getting found on Pinterest
Has your Pinterest boards grown stale? Are you on Pinterest, but no one’s repinning or following you.

Why? They don’t know you’re on the site yet. Using Pinterest is about more than just uploading great pins. If no one finds them, you’re back to square one. Luckily, it isn’t that difficult to revamp your strategy and get found. A few tweaks and suddenly, you’ll start noticing more followers and repins.

Here are 6 Pinterest best practices to get your boards humming along nicely!

Pinterest Best Practice #1: Follow The 80/20 Rule

No matter what social media platform businesses use, business owners often make the same mistake. They promote themselves and forget about the social part. Think about TV shows for a second. The network promotes their own shows about once each commercial break. The rest are for other advertisers.

Your pins should be the same. Post pins about your company about 20% of the time or have dedicated boards for company only pins. The rest of the time, repin useful content from others in your niche, especially from potential clients. Repinning shows you care about more than yourself and each user you repin from is notified, resulting in more followers, repins and clients.

Pinterest Best Practice #2: Optimize Your Profile

Even though Pinterest is image based, it’s still indexed by search engines. Fill out your About section using keywords and phrases relevant to your business. Now when someone searches for you via a search engine or even within Pinterest, you’re more likely to show up. Just make certain your About section flows naturally and isn’t just stuffed with keywords.

Pinterest Best Practice #3: Name Images

Most Pinterest users don’t just stumble upon pins randomly. They search for them. However, many businesses don’t give their images keyword friendly names. Odds are, most are name with random letters and numbers.

Create a name for the image before uploading. It’ll be much easier to find. Of course, fill out the image description in as much detail as possible as well.

Pinterest Best Practice #4: Follow Other Boards

While you’re using Pinterest, why not really use it? Follow boards your company finds useful. Whether it’s tips on marketing or entertaining images about your niche, follow others. In some ways, Pinterest is like Twitter. One of the best ways to get noticed is to start following someone else.

If you’re looking for great content to repin, following other boards will make this much easier. Users are notified when you follow them and they’re likely to check out your boards as well.

Pinterest Best Practice #5: Run A Campaign

If you already have steady traffic to your site, why not run a promotion via Pinterest? Promote the campaign on your website. Offer a discount or special ebook for those who repin a specific pin. You’ll gain followers, new leads and have your Pinterest account introduced to numerous other users as the repin makes its rounds throughout the site.

Pinterest Best Practice #6: Optimize Boards

You have two chances to optimize your boards so they’re easy to find. Much like the images themselves, think about each board name and description carefully. Make the names fun, yet descriptive. The same goes with the description. Use strategic keywords and your boards will show up more often in search.

Once you get found on Pinterest, keep following the practices above. Just because you’ve got your foot in the door doesn’t mean it’s time to slack off. You never know which pin might generate profitable new leads.

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