Permission Policy

Olinda Services is dedicated to providing exceptional information to the community. Through its programs and services, we produce publications and informational materials available online.

While Olinda Services encourages the distribution of these materials for purposes of educating the community, Olinda Services is the owner of the copyright to its published materials and requests that those interested in reproducing materials observe the following guidelines:

Permission is Granted

You are free to do the following without our written permission:

  • Share free resources if they are attributed to Olinda Services. We ask that you not share the PDF, however, but rather link to the resource?s location on our website.
  • Olinda Services allows and encourages anyone referencing our organization to link to our website. Because content or addresses for subpages may change, we suggest you link to our homepage.
  • Extract and re-post less than 200 words on any other site, provided you link back to the original post.
  • For any non-commercial publications, please include this copyright notice: ??Year, Olinda Services. All rights reserved. Originally published at

Permission is NOT Granted

Request permission in writing for the following:

  • Purchased or member-only articles or materials cannot be reproduced without written permission.

Reposting Rights

Permission is not granted to repost posts in their entirety. Due to restrictions on publishing duplicate content, we request you do not repost posts in their entirety. Google penalizes websites for publishing duplicate content and often cannot tell which site hosts the original content.

Translations Rights

We do not have the resources to validate the quality of translation work. We request that no translation of material be published.

Need more information or request permission to reprint material, please email us at [email protected].