Is your Office a Haven?

You’ve created an office, but can anyone tell it’s your office? Is there anything there that screams you?

Far too many entrepreneurs have cookie cutter work spaces that have only essentials, causing them to feel disconnected from their home life. Sometimes this disconnect can even cause them to lose passion for their business. So take the time to make your office feel like a home away from home.

Hang Pictures

Adding pictures is a quick and easy way to personalize your work space. Maybe some photos of your family on your desk? Or, you could use your favorite snapshots as your desktop background. Collage style frames can be a terrific way to remind us of our favorite moments with loved ones.

Find Some Knickknacks

Knickknacks are cute, don’t take up much space, and make your office feel more like home. Love to go the beach? Add a beach scene snow globe to your desk or a jar full of seashells. As long as the knickknacks are meaningful to you in some way, they’re perfect for your office. You could even add fun little office toys as an alternative.

Textiles for the Office

Decorate The Walls

Your walls at home probably aren’t bare, so why should your office be any different? Add some fun artwork or inspirational posters to your wall. Find art with your favorite colors or images of your favorite hobbies. You don’t have to go overboard, but a few framed pieces of art or posters quickly personalize your office.

Play Your Favorite Music

While you might not be able to blast your favorite tunes, playing the music you love makes you feel like you’re sitting at home instead of working at the office. It boosts your mood, shows off your personality and helps the work day more enjoyable. You might have to mute it when talking to clients, but otherwise play what you love.

Change The Lighting

You don’t have to use the standard desk lamp or even worse a fluorescent light like many buildings have. Bring in a stylish desk or floor lamp instead. It’ll make the space seem more like home. Plus, the softer lighting is easier on your eyes.

Spruce Up Your Floor

You don’t have to change the floor itself. Just add a decorative rug to cover up boring carpet or use a funky floor mat under your desk chair to add some spice to hardwood floors and prevent the chair from scratching the floor. There are numerous designs to choose from to match any personality.

Buy Comfortable Furniture

Don’t settle for the standard chair. Buy something that’s comfortable. You’ll feel more relaxed like you do when you’re reclining in front of the TV. Try ergonomic chairs that provide comfort and support. If you have room, you could even add a small love seat for visitors. A more relaxing atmosphere makes everyone’s office feel like home.

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