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Pinterest isn’t just for planning weddings and finding new recipes. It has become a go-to resource for discovering the best products and services around. Why shouldn’t you be using it to let the world know about your own business? You probably already know all about pinning, but with a little creativity, using Pinterest for business could become one of your best marketing tools.

Involve Happy Customers

Ask your customers to pin pictures of themselves using your product. Make sure they know to tag you so it’s easy for others to find out who sells the product. Many businesses run contests on Pinterest and pick their favorite pins to win a free product. What better way to get your name out there than by letting your customers tell everyone how much they love you?

Create A Partner Board

You shouldn’t just pin your own stuff all the time on Pinterest. While you might not want to mix in pins from other users with your own pins, try creating a board specifically for pins from users your own customers might like.

For instance, if you make cookies, you might pin dessert recipes, baking materials from your favorite brands, party planning tips from other users and anything else that could tie back into your cookies. It shows users it’s not just about you and the users you re-pin from might just return the favor.

Step By Step Boards

Don’t just pin an image of your product and leave it at that. Instead, create a board that shows how to use your product step by step. If you can tie it to a real world tutorial, that is even better. For instance, you could show step by step how to create different desserts or creative party arrangements with your cookies. People love tutorials and love seeing product features up close.

Hire Your Best Pinners

As you start to build a following on Pinterest, check to see who’s frequently re-pinning your pins. Reach out to them and ask if they’d like to pin directly to your board. You could even reach out to fans on other social media channels or commenters on your blog. All you have to do is create a board that allows a small group of users to pin images for you. It’s like having a dedicated marketing team. Offer them something in return such as discounts or a freebie.

Slash Prices

Pins with prices or discounts are more popular than product pins alone. Pin an image with your product with the original price with a red line through it and the new price proudly displayed. Pin discounts by showing a coupon stamped over your product. These pins grab attention and get people buying.

Make this a special board to itself so followers can quickly find the latest pricing and discount details. Another plus is these types of pins tend to be shared often on Facebook and Twitter. It’s simple marketing that’s highly effective.

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