Need some Pinterest Tips?

Last week’s blog was 6 Best Practices for Getting Found on Pinterest. Today, we are going to talk about how to make Pinterest easier to use for your customers.

4 Quick Pinterest Tips

Here are 4 quick Pinterest tips to help your business thrive.

How easy is it for your customers to pin something they find on your website? When they reach your boards, are customers encouraged to explore or are they confused? If you want your customers to have better access to you on Pinterest, you have to look at it from their point of view. Sometimes, we get so busy pinning, we forget about making easier for our customers to do the work for us.

Add A Pin It Button

Odds are, your business has a blog with an image for each post. If you sell directly from your site, you probably have product images too. These make great pins from satisfied customers. However, if they have to download the image, edit it and then upload to Pinterest, they’ll just skip pinning the content altogether.

This is free advertising for your business. Take advantage of it by adding Pin It buttons to product pages, articles and any other pinnable areas of your site. Plus, if a customer didn’t know you were on Pinterest before, they’ll know now.

Organize Your Boards

One of the worst mistakes you can make on Pinterest is having a disorganized mess for a board. You can create multiple boards for a reason. Carefully organize your pins into easy to understand boards. For instance, if you run a marketing business, one board might be social media marketing tips and another might focus on mobile marketing.

Example boards might include:

  • Entrepreneur showcasing the love of all things entrepreneurial.
  • Photography showcasing the love of my photography and other photographers.
  • Personal showcasing personal passions like cooking, baking, my children, pets, sewing, etc.

Organized boards make it easier for customers to find just the pins they’re looking for without needless digging around. Plus, they’re much more likely to follow a board if it’s more focused on a specific topic.

Show Pins On Your Site

Have some extremely popular pins? Show them off on your website or blog. Obviously, those pins hit for a reason. Let non-Pinterest followers check out the pins too. They will see another side of your business and be encouraged to see what else you have on the site. Featuring 3-4 popular pins is a highly effective practice.

Use High Quality Images

This one should be obvious, but many users still upload poor quality images. Not only are they difficult to decipher, but no one wants to share them. Here are few quick tips on dimensions:

  1. Pin Image: 736 x infinite px
  2. Pin Image in Feed: 238 x infinite px
  3. Board Thumbnail: 51 x 51 px

Think about it this way. Potential clients may see a poor quality image and think you don’t take your business seriously. On Pinterest, image quality is the first impression. Make it count.

You can also utilize rich pins for business. They show additional information directly on the pin. To find out more visit

Taking the time to make it easier for customers to pin your content and view your pins leads to valuable new followers and leads. It’s essentially organic traffic just by making a few changes to your website and pin quality. The few minutes it takes to this could equal a big boost in followers and organic pins.

BONUS TIP: Social Samosa has an infographic on Pinterest statistics that is worth checking out.

THE ULTIMATE BONUS TIP: Melanie Duncan has an excellent resource called The Power of Pinning. It is an online training program to make Pinterest work for your business. I highly recommend!

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