Today, I was working with a client who is building her first landing page. We had finished the technical aspects of integrating a payment system and importing her contacts, ensuring they were tagged correctly. Today’s session was brainstorming the content and key elements for her to craft her message.

Does Your Landing Page Bewitch Your Audience?

Landing Page Magic

While I do not claim to be a marketing guru, I have done a lot of training in marketing and I know what works for me.

As we spoke, I pulled out some notes started rattling off some key components she would cover in her landing page. What do you think the next question was that she asked?

“Do you have that written down?”

She wanted to see the information and create it based on my building blocks. I assured her I would send her my brainstorming notes after our call. Next steps? I created what I call the 7 Critical Components for a Magical Landing Page.

Today’s episode will cover the broader picture of creating your message for your landing page.

Here are three thoughts to provoke you, two ideas to inspire you, and one item to act on!

Three Thoughts to Provoke

Number One. Choice.

When I go to a landing page I am immediately faced with a question.

“Is this worth my time or money?”

Within a few seconds, I will read your headline and your first few sentences. This tease will help me decide whether your landing page is worth my time and effort.

Number Two. Content.

If I decide to stay on the landing page then you have a few more seconds or minutes to convince me to read your content. The content needs to tell me you understand my pain and have a solution.

Number Three. Convert.

I am still on your page, so that is two-thirds of the battle. Now you need to convert me. Give me proof that you can deliver and what the next steps are to deliver.

Two Things to Inspire

Number One.

How do you know your page is doing well? We all like the numbers. Christine Austin, Creative Lead for IMPACT’s Marketing Team says,

“The average landing page conversion rate falls around 2.35%. The top 25% of sites are converting at 5.31% and above, while the top 10% are looking at 11.45% and above.”

A number of factors influence these numbers.

Number Two.

Pain Points? Pain points are problems that your ideal audience is experiencing. Of course, your landing page shows that you know those pain points and that you can relieve the pain.
The pain points I see and address for clients may be different from yours. With a typical landing page, it would be good to address a maximum of 3 pain points.

Your Action Item

Before you start writing copy for your next landing page, start brainstorming the pain points you solve for your audience.

I have a free resource for you that shows you the 7 Critical Components for a Magical Landing Page. Visit to download now. Share the download link on social media.

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