Writing for Your Brand – How to Define Your Brand’s Voice in 10 Steps

What goes into your brand’s voice? Is it casual or professional? Mine tends towards business casual. Here’s a look at 10 points to get you started and I give you a sneak peek into my brand voice.

How to define your brand voice in 10 steps#1: Mission

Define your brand’s mission. What is the goal of the business beyond profits? When you define your brand’s mission, you create a better vision of what your voice should be based on your audience and how you plan to reach them.

My mission?

To help business owners minimize chaos in their lives and develop a work/life rhythm.

#2: Words

Clearly define a few key taglines, phrases, or words that represent your business. Use these perspectives to define your brand. Consider things such as your company’s tagline or the hashtag you would use to describe your organization.

My tagline?

The Chaos Whisperer

#3: Purpose

When creating any business content, you need to have a defined purpose for it. Perhaps your goal is to tell the reader about your company or product. Look further. Do you want the reader to learn about your passion? Perhaps you want that blog post to show your reasoning behind what you do.

My purpose?

To help you streamline your processes and simplify your life.

#4: Audience

Who is your audience specifically? What does your audience like, know, and need? Define your target audience using demographics, too.

My audience?

You of course! My audience is a busy professional who craves order in their sandwich generation.

#5: Solution

Identify the problem you are trying to solve. Then, ask yourself who the content you are writing is going to solve that problem. It’s important to provide a clear description here as to what you are doing to do with your content.

My solution?

The definition of sandwich generation is someone who cares for their children and their parents at the same time. Add to this a busy professional life and you are dealing with uncontrolled chaos. I understand the stress involved. I want my audience to embrace the chaos, enjoy the moments in time and come through thriving.

#6: Tone

What tone does your brand convey? How well does that resonate with the audience? Are you matter-of-fact or more encouraging? It’s not always easy to define what your goal is here unless you know your audience. You may to review various types of business writing and how well they relate to your organization.

My tone?

My tone is more business informational. I love nurturing and building relationships.

#7: Style

Outline the style that’s important to your audience and brand. Are you looking to be personable, professional, informal? What do your customers think of your style?

My style?

I want to connect with you. Talk with you. Get your feedback. Build a relationship with you and find your pain points. My style is getting to know YOU!

#8: Content Organization

How do you organize your content? For example, does your brand have a clear path of educating your customers? Do you have data that helps to support those claims? Is it divided into categories for easy access? You want to ensure your business communications are clear and meet your business’s objectives.

My content organization?

My content has always been organized in my business blog. I have 3 main categories; marketing, team building and operations management. I am working on an Email Management 5-Day Challenge to be released in July. This will be a stretching experience for me and a golden opportunity for my audience to learn masterful tips to control their email chaos.

#9: Platform

It’s essential to consider the platform carefully. Your goal should be to choose a platform where your audience is for your brand to live on. Options such as WordPress are good for many. Also consider social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

My platform?

I use LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. My website is built on the WordPress framework. Feel free to reach out to me on these platforms and continue the business relationship.

#10: Conversion Goals

What are the conversion goals for your content? What do you want people to do with the information? Are you aiming to become a professional or a master in a specific area? Do you want people to click on a link to make a purchase, get to know you, build trust with you, or something else?

My conversion goals?

I hate the numbers game. I want build credibility with my audience and show them how to embrace the chaos in their lives and love it!

Taking the time to understand each concept in your brand voice, allows you to deliver a message to your customers in a more effective manner. It can help you produce more of the content people need and want to read.