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Training is often overlooked when it comes to outsourcing. You expect outsourced talent to already know what to do. This is not always the case though. Home builders know how to build homes, but everyone wants a different design. The same is true with entrepreneurs. You likely have your own ways of doing things. Limit errors in outsourced projects and save time by providing training along the way.

Below are six ways to help your team thrive through training.

Create Samples

For simple tasks, a few samples may be all the training you need. For example, if you are hiring someone to write your email newsletters, give them samples of past newsletters to follow. They can then ask specific questions and even make suggestions on how to improve. These samples give the outsourced employee an idea of what you want.

Meet With Them

While you likely will not be able to physically meet your outsourced team, you can still have meetings. Schedule a few training sessions to discuss your expectations and methods. This can be done over video chat, phone calls or online chat. Video chat is often preferred so can be sure the other person is paying attention.

Encourage Questions

For tasks, you are not experienced with yourself, encourage the person to ask you questions. Maybe you want a new theme for your WordPress site. You likely have some idea of what you want, but the other person might not fully understand it until they start asking questions. Ask them if there is anything they need from you to help them better understand your needs.

Correct Mistakes

You might not have realized any training was necessary until the first few tasks are complete. Suddenly, you are spending more time fixing errors than the entire task should have taken to begin with. Do not panic. Contact the person and politely explain what is wrong and why. Work with them to fix errors and after a few tasks, mistakes dwindle drastically. Of course, if they don’t, it may be time to hire someone new.

Provide A Detailed Guide

Creating a guide might sound time-consuming and it sometimes is. Imagine how time-consuming it is to send messages back and forth for a week or more as you try to get your outsourced help on the same page as you. Creating the guide takes far less time and immediately gives the person everything they need to get started. You both save time and tasks are completed successfully the first time.

I recently wrote a newsletter about a task that I do every year. I provide my clients with a detailed guide or Standard Operating Procedures and update as needed.

Start With A Trial

Many entrepreneurs train based on a trial project. This is usually a paid task, but something quick and simple. For instance, hiring someone to design your website might start with asking for a single page or a sample of their previous work. The idea is to see their interpretation and style in action. You then tell them what you do and don’t like. It is similar to correcting mistakes, but on a smaller scale.

Training does take time, but it saves money. The best way to create lasting outsourced relationships is through proper training. Start early for best results.

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