Set Clear GoalsSet clear goals for better results in your business.

Entrepreneurs are not just business owners, but team leaders. They must learn how to effectively lead and not just manage their team in order to grow the business. One of the best ways to do this is to set clear goals that guide teams in the completion of projects and tasks. With clearer goals, you get better results every time.

Tips for Better Goals

Your team depends on you to guide them. A vague goal leaves them lost and confused. They spend more time trying to understand what you want done and the purpose behind it than actually getting any work done. A quick way to improve your goal setting skills is by following the SMART method.

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. Every goal you set should be as specific as possible. Have your team ask questions to help you refine the goal. You should also have a set way to measure the progress of goals, such as the completion of specific tasks.

When setting goals, try to keep them attainable. You might have big dreams, but if the goal is unrealistic, you’ll only leave yourself and your team feeling hopeless. Attainable goals keep you motivated and lead to success.

Finally, make goals that are relevant to the direction you want your business to go and set a realistic time frame. For instance, don’t try to force something that should take a year into three months. It’ll just make the team feel rushed and the project will likely never be finished.

Michael Hyatt has a great basic goal-setting primer.

Keeping the Team On Track

Once goals are set, it’s up to you to keep the team on track. Start by having a regular meeting schedule and encouraging discussion. The better the team understands each other, the easier it is for everyone to work together towards the same goal.

Meetings allow you to hold everyone accountable. Open discussion keeps everyone motivated and helps them feel more involved. This is the difference between simply managing and truly leading a team.

Using Tools to Set Goals

Whether your team is on site or remote, there are numerous tools to help you set clear goals and collaborate with your team. The best ones have a social element to provide feedback and encourage the sharing of ideas. Some of the best tools for entrepreneurs and small teams include:

  • Google Docs is free to use and allows easy management of projects and document sharing.
  • Flow is a beautiful, flexible project and task management software for teams. Pricing starts at a little under $5 per month, per user.
  • Adanseez is a collaborative web application dedicated to business owners and managers to design, implement and track businesses strategy, keeping them focused on goals.
    They have a free and a pro plan.
  • Asana helps you coordinate all the work your team does together. So everyone knows what needs to get done, who’s responsible for doing it, and when it’s due. There is a free and premium version available.
  • Goals On Track provides goal setting and goal management software for high achievers. The cost is $68 per year and offers a simpler approach to goal setting that incorporates the SMART method. Good for smaller teams.

With clearer goals and a way to effectively lead your team through goals, you’ll see your business grow almost daily. Plus, your team will be happier and more motivated.

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