Pushing through Resistance
Pushing Through Resistance

Today, I am just NOT feeling it. I want to be productive, but every cell in my body is screaming NO!

Do you ever have days like this?

Anne Frank says,

Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction.”

While it may appear to an outsider that I am just lazy, really, it is dealing with resistance.

What is resistance? I like this definition:

A force that tends to oppose or delay motion.

What force are you dealing with today that is hindering your motion? Mine is a combination of fatigue, a few personal matters that are wearing me down, and another area I address later.

Today, let’s focus on pushing through resistance and progressing forward.

Here are three thoughts to provoke you, two ideas to inspire you, and one item to act on!

Three Thoughts to Provoke

Number One. Mine. You need to find the cause of your resistance. Today, I had a group coaching call with my business coach, Carrie Wilkerson. I mentioned during the Zoom that I was feeling resistant to doing my regular Monday work. Carrie encouraged me to acknowledge the cause of my resistance and then move on.

Elbert Hubbard says,

The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.”

Number Two. Move. It is time to move forward. True confession. I tend to be a perfectionist. It is hard for me to move forward until I have everything laid out.

It has been hard for me to transition and develop a tolerance for imperfection.

John Acuff, author of Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done, says,

“…developing tolerance for imperfection is the key factor in turning chronic starters into consistent finishers.

This quote struck a nerve for me. It has been fun to create the Chaos Busters 3-2-1 Action series. Now comes the hard work of developing weekly content. I am sensing one area where my resistance has built.

Number Three. Mindset. Now is the time for a mindset shift. Anne LaFollette has published a great post about shifting your mindset to push through resistance. I encourage you to read it.

It is easy for me to focus on the negatives.

  1. My podcast doesn’t have enough subscribers, is anyone really listening?
  2. YouTube statistics haven’t changed in three weeks.
  3. I only had two subscribers to my newsletter this week.

Instead, I need to shift my mindset to see the growth and/or look for areas I can improve and succeed.

Two Things to Inspire

Number One.

Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D., talks about KNOW your resistance.

Notice it in your day as a way of disentangling from it. The moment you’re aware of it, you’re mindful and have created a little space between yourself and the resistance.”

Today, I recognized I was feeling the resistance, made plans to overcome, and pushed through.

Number Two. 

Sometimes we are resistant to changes that we feel do not empower us. Maybe you are tired of shifts that you think you cannot control.

Arnold Bennett says,

Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.”

Your Action Item

Analyze your resistance. What is causing the discomfort? Do you have the ability to change it? Don’t replace it with busy work. Make sure the tasks you are doing are necessary to move your goals forward.

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