Have you considered mega-batching your day?

3 Easy Ways Mega-Batching Improves Your Day

I am a big believer in mega-batching work. You can get so much more done when you are not switching from task to task. Here are some examples of making mega-batching work for you.


What do cranky cars, manicures, elementary recorders, dog walking, and obedience school have in common?

Right now, we are dealing with problematic cars in our family. My son’s car has just refused to work, and mine is being cranky. Most of the time is cranks just fine, but every now an again it refuses to start. So, my morning started bright and early with me taking my son to work. Since I was going to be out anyway, I decided to take my dog for a beautiful hike before I had a manicure scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Scheduling my time, gave me a margin to get home, and cleaned up. Then I had a unique project I was working on for our local elementary school which required recorders to be labeled. I finished that project and delivered it to the school. Then I have puppy obedience school in a wee bit. I was able to get all these things done because I mega-batched my errands.

Instead of breaking your days up with little errands here and there, have one day that you concentrate on getting those small errands done and out of the way.

Social Media

Do you write a blog or social media posts? Set aside two hours of your week to focus on writing content and scheduling it. For one of my clients, I take a 3-hour block per month, create graphics for their content, and then schedule all the social media posts for the month. Using mega-batching allows me to maximize my time during the week to check their social media, and respond and post to blogs.


Why would I include cooking in as a mega-batching process? Because, as business owners, we often overlook this essential task and then fall into unhealthy habits. Take a 4-hour block of time per week and prep food for the week. You can precook meat to use in various dishes. Prepare a menu for the week. Prep your veggies by pre-washing and pre-cutting them. Prepping allows for a great grab-and-go snack.

Make protein bowls by precooking some bacon and boiling some eggs. Peel the eggs and put a few pieces of pre-cooked bacon with some veggies in a pint container. These make a great breakfast or lunch. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.


What are some ways you mega-batch in your day, week, or month? Share in the comments below.

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