It is no secret that women and men communicate differently. Female entrepreneurs must overcome these communication differences to ensure their words and intentions are clearly understood. There are several common communication challenges women face. Luckily, it is not that difficult to overcome them once you learn to recognize them.

Communication Challenges

Disgust & resolve are 2 of the great emotions that lead to change. John Rohn

Too Much Emotion?

Emotion isn’t a bad thing in communication. The problem occurs when it affects how women perceive what they’re told. A client’s tone of voice might leave you feeling as if you’ve done something wrong when it’s just how that person usually talks. Communication challenges like this change how confident a woman sounds, and how quickly she makes decisions.

Overcoming this challenge is as easy as learning to stop over-analyzing every word. Think more critically and you won’t feel as stressed or indecisive. If you feel there’s a problem, just ask. It saves time and avoids drama.

Effective Negotiation

Even when women own their own business, they might still make less than their male counterparts. The problem is they don’t speak up for what they deserve. They don’t want to risk losing clients so they lower their prices. It’s okay to negotiate and be firm on what you want.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate with your clients. Be confident and have a list of reasons on hand as to why your services are worth the amount you’re asking for. The more confident you sound, the better. If you don’t undervalue yourself, your clients won’t either.

Soothing Instead Of Commanding

Who would you respect more? Someone who backs away to keep the peace or someone who stands up for themselves? Women have a bad habit of backing down in the face of anyone who seems more confident or is in a higher position. You don’t have to be the soothing, peace maker.

Don’t let others push you around during conversations. Be commanding and don’t back down. Remember, it’s your business. You’re the boss. Don’t let a condescending tone change how you speak. Stand tall and make waves. It makes a good impression and shows you’re a strong woman.

Communicating At Extremes

Women often get conflicting advice about communication. Don’t be too forceful, but don’t cower either. The biggest communication challenge women face is finding a middle ground.

The easiest way to overcome this challenge is to think of everyone as a friend. You probably don’t let your friends walk all over you. At the same time, you’re respectful and full of energy. Whenever you’re talking to an employee or client, treat them like a friend. This will prevent you from sounding too authoritative, yet it ensures you don’t sound insecure. It’s the perfect combination.

Communication challenges don’t have to stop you from being a great entrepreneur. Be yourself and be confident and you’re message will come across clearly.

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