Gorgeous Chaos?

Recently a friend asked me to describe my ideal client. My response would be someone who wants to transform their business lives into gorgeous chaos!

gorgeous chaos

When you wander through a garden in the summer you see beautiful plants and landscaped venues, but if you visit during the winter you see scraggly plants, leaves scattered around and dead branches. A gardener then prunes, cleans up, and transforms the ugliness into beauty.

That is what I do for my clients. I partner with individuals or organizations that want to take the loose ends of their business and create order and excellence. They want to grow their business and recognize they can’t do it all!

We all have chaos in our lives. We wear multiple hats and juggle competing priorities; family, business, charity work, aging parents, homes, etc.  Love your chaos. Embrace it and thrive. Turn it into gorgeous chaos.

My ideal client is a non-profit organization or small business owner struggling with operations. They have been a one-person superhero (or volunteer-run organization) and they just can’t keep up with the work. Work-Life rhythm is out of sync and they need to bring order to chaos.

Here is a video describing my ideal client.

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How can we create gorgeous chaos?

Growth Mindset

As the superhero of your business you know you need to focus on the money-making aspects of your business. You did start the business to help others, but you need to make money. Often though, we get tied down working on the minutia.

Do you hear yourself using these excuses?

  1. It is just easier to do it myself.
  2. I don’t want to have to manage someone.
  3. Ugh, I will have to train someone.

You have to embrace the growth mindset and let go of the daily minutia. You need to get back to the joy of your business. Doing what fulfills you. I answer a lot of the questions business owners have on my FAQ page. Check it out! 

Money, Money, Money

You have heard the phrase you have to spend money to make money. You have to get comfortable with paying for quality help.

Michael Hyatt says

“A good executive assistant is like an air-traffic controller for your life.”

I had a potential client reach out to me a number of years ago, but they felt I was too expensive. My response? They will not find and executive assistant to partner with who works brings a unique combination of tech and creativity that will work harder to build and grow their business. Several years later, they came back after a number of bad experiences and we created some gorgeous chaos in their business.

Let It Go

With over 30 years of administrative expertise, I bring a lot to the table for a business. I excel at organization, systems, and productivity. I know how to get things done, but I can only accomplish this if the client can let go of the minutia.

Many of my clients have been with me since 2007. Our working relationship bring joy and fulfillment to both of us.

Working with a new assistant can be time consuming for the first month, but the rewards will be immeasurable. Read more about my 5-step success plan for working with your new assistant.

Partner with Excellence

My knowledge and expertise have grown with the various clients I have partnered with.

Warren Buffett says

“That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest.”

Your business reaps the benefit of my years of expertise.

This year I partnered with a client to provide a conference book (approximately 2000 pages of abstracts and presentations) for the past 6 years of conferences held by a non-profit. As I have worked through these I have been able to streamline the process.


  1. Using headers and subheaders for internal linking of bios of the speakers to the presentations and abstracts within the book.
  2. Resizing slides in bulk to fit the format of the book. This saved hours in manually resizing the images.
  3. Finessing the index to allow hyperlinking to the various sections for faster reference.

These shortcuts have saved the client several hundred dollars in time for EACH book. This expertise is now available to new and existing clients.

Olinda Services was created to help professionals invest in their dreams and goals. Personally, I understand the chaos of juggling many hats. As a mom to five fabulous kids and Grandmom to five fabulous grandkids, I know how blurry the lines between personal and professional can get.

I combine my love of technology and creative instincts to help clients develop strategies, allowing them to work less and accomplish more. My work ethic is servant-hearted leadership.

Let’s work together to focus and erase the blurry lines between personal and professional. Let’s cut through the overwhelm and help find a good rhythm.

Trust me. Let’s work together to create some gorgeous chaos in your life. We all have chaos. Let’s transform your normal, daily chaos and find the beauty and joy.