Work Life Rhythm, Means You Have to Take Time Over the Holidays

One year my husband and I decided to take a weekend and do a romantic getaway in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I had everything planned out, but my husband was miserable. Since he was miserable, I was miserable. It turned into a not so romantic getaway, but we learned lessons from this horrible experience.

The Perfect Way to Ruin Your Holiday!

The holiday season is approaching and without some careful planning, you may end up ruining your holiday!

The holidays are a time for family – you’ve heard it so many times. And yet, within your business, it is one of the most difficult times of the year to manage – everything. It is the end of the year where deadlines and balance sheets are becoming clearer. There are employees that need time off or balanced schedules. It’s stressful. And all you want to do is to be at home.

If you do not take time to relax over the holidays, you are sacrificing your energy, family time, planning clarity and hurting your business.

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Why Downtime Over the Holidays Is Important

It’s important to stop viewing downtime, which could be any time you do not spend working on your business, as a bad thing. It actually opens the door for new creativity, innovative thinking, and relationship building. As a business owner, taking time away from your work is very good for your bottom line:

  • It gives you time to de-stress. When you are not stressed, you are a better version of yourself.
  • It allows your brain time to focus on things outside of the normal tasks. This means that the time you do spend working is more fulfilling and effective.
  • It also allows you to build more confidence in yourself. Downtime gives you a chance to have fun and enjoy life.

It is critical to your well-being. But, how can you make it happen?

Tips for Successful Holiday Downtime

Taking time over the holidays to relax, unwind, reconnect with your family, and enjoy the holiday itself, is possible even for the Michael Hyatts of the world. No matter your passion, you can minimize some of the demand on you.

  • Create rules about the tasks you do each day. You don’t need to answer your phone or emails after hours during the holidays.
  • Delegate tasks that you can, including things like managing your company’s accounts payable and receivable.
  • Plan for time off at least a month or more in advance. Create a go-to plan that addresses every task you do each day. Teach someone to handle it for you for the day, week, or month you plan to take off.

Put someone else in charge. Good leaders never do all of the work themselves. They also ensure there is always someone else that can handle the big tasks that are critical to the business’s success. And, in entrusting someone else to do these tasks for you, you minimize the demand on yourself personally during the holidays or other times of the year.

Remember, December is a time to wind down. Your competition is doing the same. Use this time to regroup your team, show thankfulness to them, and build them up by giving them those important tasks that you’ve been doing yourself. When you do, you can step back on December 31st and marvel at what you’ve been able to build over the last 12 months. And, that, in itself, is a fantastic holiday gift.

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