Organize Small Business Projects with Mind Maps

Mind Maps for your Small Business Projects

Updated: May 24, 2019

Planning projects and goals is usually easier said than done. You make lists of what to do. You then make sub-lists for each main list. Before you know it, your plan is out of control. Mind maps are the best way to lay out projects and goals in a visual format. While you could use a dry erase board and keep changing your map, the ideal solution would be to use mind mapping software.

Why Use Mind Maps

Mind maps start as a single concept, goal or idea. You then create a branch for each main step that needs to be taken to achieve the central goal. Once the main branches are created, you are able to continue to branch out to detail how each step will be achieved. This visual approach lets you create a detailed plan so projects are completed faster. You won’t have to worry about losing a list because everything is on a single page.


Mind maps also give you an easy way to brainstorm. Once again, have a central goal. As employees throw out ideas, create new branches. Any time someone expands upon a current idea, create sub-branches. Once the brainstorming session is over, you not only have detailed meeting notes, but a quick way to view all ideas at a glance.

Easy To Create

I recently did some training and the organizer was raving about Canva. I then received a note from Danviel Jae at Canva and he told me about Canva’s Bubble Map. What a great resource. Thanks for sharing!

Mind maps are simple to create. As long as you can draw lines and rectangles, you’re set. They don’t have to be fancy. Better yet, use software to draw the map for you. I recently have used MindManager for a client, MindManager is definitely robust, but a little expensive for small business. For my own business, I have purchased Mind Vector. I can use it on all of my devices.

Visual Equals Progress

When it comes to understanding project details, which is more effective, text or images? Images always win out. While you won’t be creating detailed graphic images, mind maps always look more like a picture or chart than a boring pages of text.

Think about it this way. Do you grasp numbers and figures better when they’re in a paragraph or in a chart? Giving yourself and employees something to look at encourages you to get started, leading to more progress on important tasks sooner.


If you need any more reasons to start using mind maps, they make the perfect project to-do lists. When you create sub-branches for your main project steps, you basically create step by step to-do lists. Many mind mapping programs actually let you check off branches like a real list. Seeing your progress actually helps you stay on track.

Cheap And Effective

In the end, mind maps are not only cheap, but effective project planning tools. Many applications are completely free, while others offer professional versions for additional features, such as making visually stunning maps. Try it on your next project and you’ll see a major difference between the typical planning and execution process and the hassle free planning you’ve always wanted.