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Instagram has to be my favorite social media platform. Instagram isn’t just a fun place to share selfies. It is also the perfect site to market to a younger demographic. The biggest problem is most entrepreneurs have no idea what types of photos to post.

STOP! Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. The idea is to just have fun with it. Need a little inspiration? Try these six photo types.

Mix Business With Cuteness

Want to show your softer side while posting an image sure to be loved by all? Find a way to mix in adorable puppies, kittens, or children. Your Instagram photos aren’t always strictly business. Show how you spent your Saturday volunteering at your local animal shelter. It helps customers relate and they know your business associates with a good cause.

Show Off Products

Play around with filters on Instagram and show off your products. This is especially good for introducing a new product you’ve just created. Try placing your products in unique places, such as a pie in the middle of a gym. It makes your photo more unique and results in more likes. You can also share photos of your products in use.

Before And After Shots

You don’t have to sell products to use Instagram, service related businesses excel as well. A great idea for showing off your skill is a before and after shot. For instance, if you’re a landscaper, show lawn/garden before and then show how incredible it looks when you’re done. In progress shots are perfect too.

Give A Glimpse Into Your Work

Instagram is about showing off your individuality. Give your customers an inside look into your office and daily tasks. While you’re answering phones, take a happy selfie. Have someone take a photo of you putting together a product or in the middle of providing a service. This helps make you more like a friend than a business.

Go On The Road

Heading to a conference or other work related special event? Let customers know where you’ll be. Not only is this a great way to meet customers, but it also helps with professional networking. Always use appropriate Instagram hashtags with the photo; like the event name so it’s easy for others to find you. Don?t forget to share photos of the trip, such as visiting a random attraction along the way or stopping to eat at a local diner.

Making Your Photos Work For You

Now that you’ve got all these great photos on Instagram, you’re probably wondering how to get the word out. Always add the appropriate hashtags to photos. Also, remember to share your photos on Facebook and Twitter. This increases shares and leads people back to your Instagram account so they can follow you there.

Think fun and creative. You don’t have to be overly serious on this site. The more you enjoy yourself, the more likes and followers you’ll get.

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