5 Steps to Developing a Human Touch in an Online Business

Does your online business need to develop the human touch?

Does your business have a heart? It should! The absence of human touch could mean stagnant growth in your business or no growth at all. Human touch in online businesses can be translated into active online interactions, nurtured online relationships, and enhanced social media presence.

Online businesses invest their time, money, and resources in executing means and strategies that will allow them to promote human touch. This leads to strong and long-term relationships, and of course, profitability.

What are the five effective steps that business owners should employ to develop a human touch in their virtual or online business?

Step #1 – Social Media

Build and maintain strong social media presence. Visibility and transparency should be achieved by creating clear personalization. This means when a customer shares a comment or any content, you should interpret it correctly without directly promoting the self-interest of the business. This way, you can beat the competition and you can share more information about your products and services based on the needs expressed by your clients or prospects.

Step #2 – Creativity

Be creative and create a business profile that your customer can relate to. Using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will let you create a profile image that features cultivated branding for your business. Complete the information you will provide in your profile and add links that will serve as invaluable sources of relevant materials for their queries and concerns. And when they ask questions, provide helpful and significant answers that are easy to understand.

Step #3 – Reward

Offer and deliver rewards. Not only will you make your customers happy and pleased but you are also showing that you live up to your promises. When a customer lands on your website and they immediately see activities and events where they can participate, they always look for something that they will get when they join. Then, the good news about the products and gifts you are giving away will spread like a wildfire. There is no way you will not receive raving responses.

Step #4 – Personalize

Add personal greetings and messages whenever you inform your target markets about your latest offerings. Personal messages and greetings can be in the form of an audio or a video content. Apart from your personalized messages, you can include audio or video testimonials so that your target customers can hear what your present or previous customers have to say about your business. There is no better way of convincing that what you are offering is real and credible but by providing them with actual stories. Hearing different voices that talk about your business is your best shot of persuading them to buy your product.

Step #5 – Customer Ideas

Recognize customers? ideas and quote them if necessary. When you use social channels, you will be able to gather and acquire first-hand data from your customers. One of the most personalized manners of getting the ideas of your customers recognized is to create a visible and clear-cut presentation of what they have contributed. If they make a comment, you can post it on your website?s blog or mention it in your ads or your marketing campaigns.

How does your business “have a heart”?

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