As business owners, there are so many variables to building our business. I believe that to reach our business goals; it is imperative that we work on building our brand. Below find my three steps to building your brand to build your business.

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Building Your Brand

Writer, teacher and consultant, Angela Crocker says,

“Brand isn’t a logo, it is consistency in everything from color to interpersonal interactions”.

Golden Circle; how, why, what, building your brand

Building Your Brand; The Three Steps

Most of us have heard of Simon Sinek’s TED Talk The Story of Why. In this talk, Simon develops a concept called the Golden Circle.

Let us apply these three steps to building your brand and increasing your business:

  1. The Why
  2. The How
  3. The What

When we become an entrepreneur, one of the first marketing lessons we learn to how to find the ideal client. Anwers to questions like, “What type of business owner do you want to target?” are answered. The perfect customer profile is created. Our 30-second sales pitch is developed. We learn about our USP (unique selling proposition) and the WIIFM (what’s in it for me).

Now that you know who your ideal client is; what happens next?

Your next steps should be branding your business.

Why is branding important? Your potential clients want to know you! When they see you online, they want to CONNECT! Every day we are inundated with impersonal sites. We receive spam emails, targeted marketing ads and marketers vying for our attention. When potential clients do the research for a vendor, they want someone who understands their needs, communicates clearly and is REAL. If you have a social media profile that has an egg or blank photo, I can guarantee you are missing out on clients.

Let’s investigate the three steps you can use in building your brand and building your business. We will do a little bit of neuroscience research as well.

The Why

You’re why talks about your story. Neuroscience research shows that the Limbic System is the center of emotions. It is so essential that our story covers the why and the how. We have to develop the emotional connection with potential clients. Why are you doing what you are doing?

The How

My branding incorporates my colors from my butterfly logo. Everything I put online I try to keep consistent with the colors. I keep a branding cheat sheet that I can quickly reference when I do posts. It gives me the three primary colors and the fonts I use.

If you are a solopreneur, I believe a good picture is always important. It helps your potential client connect with you.

The What

Your branding should complement your service offering. Branding will tell a client a LOT about your business. A little more neuroscience research shows us that the neocortex, the analytical part of our brain, kicks in when we show the what. Does your branding show your professionalism, your creativity, your strengths?

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