Do you need LinkedIn connections?

LinkedIn is well known for being the professional social network. Many use it to find jobs or showcase their business profile. Depending on your client niche, LinkedIn may be the best option for you for networking. It’s a great tool for building useful connections to gain new leads. There’s so much more to LinkedIn than profiles. It’s an entire community of business professionals socializing and growing together.

Here are 6 tips to build LinkedIn connections and establish yourself as a networking ninja!

Build Linkedin ConnectionsBuild LinkedIn Connections

Join Groups

Groups are one of the most powerful tools on LinkedIn. There’s a group for nearly every niche. You can even create your own if you can’t find what you’re looking for. If you’re new to LinkedIn or just haven’t used the network much, joining a group is the best way to introduce yourself.

Search for groups by keyword, such as ?entrepreneurs? or ?small business owners.? Some groups have specific requirements, but many are open to anyone. Join as many networks as you feel comfortable with. You’ll want to be active in each, so don’t over-extend yourself.


Once you’ve joined a few groups, take a few days to learn the group etiquette and rules. For instance, some groups may not allow you to share links until you’ve posted an introduction. Introduce yourself and comment on posts you find useful.

You’ll find the more active you are, the more connections you build with other members. This causes a ripple effect as the new connections share your posts with their own connections. Connections are important as they’ll either be new leads or a way to gain new leads.

Gain Recommendations

Once you’ve proven yourself to members in the groups, some will be happy to recommend you. Recommendations are used to validate your expertise and skills. This means potential new clients are more likely to trust you. Remember, only ask for recommendations after you’ve built a strong relationship with another member and proven you’re worthy of the recommendation.

Market Yourself

After establishing yourself on LinkedIn, it’s time to start marketing. Don’t stop being active in your groups, though. In addition to posting useful content, advertise your products, services and specials. You’ve already proven yourself as an expert in your industry, which means your connections are more likely to share these marketing posts with others.

Find Talent

Another way to utilize LinkedIn is to find talent to help you build your business. There are always people searching for jobs. Maybe you need help marketing yourself or handling the bookkeeping. Create a job listing or even ask your connections if they have someone they’d recommend. You get the help you need through the same site you’re using to gain valuable connections, get advice and advance your business.

Get Hired

Even while you’re looking for talent yourself, you can respond to job listings that match your skills. This is yet another way to gain recommendations that lead to new clients. This is especially useful if you’re just starting out and want to build your customer base. Impress the initial clients and they’ll recommend your company to others.

Don’t stop at creating a profile on LinkedIn. Be active and seek out connections with other members. They’re your key to gaining leads you won’t find anywhere else. With each connection, comes the chance for even more leads and a thriving business.

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