Communication Triggers

Have you ever wanted to make sure your clients understood you better or wished you could trigger the response you wanted? By using certain communication triggers, you come off sounding more confident, professional and persuasive. You sound like the strong entrepreneur you are.

Ask Questions and Listen

The more talking you do, the less valued the client or even your employees feel. Encourage the other person to participate in the conversation by asking simple questions. This helps you understand their needs better and shows you?re listening.

Talk With Your Hands

Use your hands naturally as you talk. You don’t have to be overly dramatic, but think about how you would talk to your friends. You probably emphasize points with simple hand gestures. These are friendlier and make your clients feel more comfortable than if you simply stand with your arms crossed.

Maintain Eye Contact

If you want to keep a client’s attention, maintain eye contact. This is a major communication trigger that shows you’re completely focused on the other person. They respond by paying more attention to you. You don’t have to constantly stare at them, but don’t glance away when they look at you.

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Use Appropriate Terminology

Using terminology that’s over a client?s head makes them feel confused and they tune out. They usually think this is a tactic to bully them into buying something. If you want clients to respond better, speak on their level.

If you’re not sure how much they understand, ask a few simple questions to gauge their knowledge. Speaking on their level triggers a better response.

I was working with a new client and they were throwing out confusing acronyms. I finally had to stop them and ask for clarification.

Use Positive Statements

Any negative sounding statements makes a client feel as if you’re blaming them. This kind of communication triggers a defensive attitude. For you instance, saying “you shouldn’t have used Product A this way.” The damage is done and blaming them just drives them away. Instead, use a positive communication trigger; “This happens sometimes. Let me help you fix the problem.”

Let me help you fix the problem.

Thrive as an entrepreneur by using positive statements. Avoid accusing and use words such as please or thank you.

Relate To Others

You’ll encounter clients and employees who are having bad days. Their attitudes will be horrible, but don’t let this trigger a negative response from you. It’s like a mother and child. The child’s grumpy, but the mom takes the high road and makes it better.

Try to find a way to relate to the other person. Tell them about a similar situation you’ve been in. Let them know you understand. This makes them feel better. Keeping a friendly, understanding tone gradually lessens their bad mood so you can focus on business.


A sour face reminds people of the teacher everyone dreaded in school. This isn’t going to trigger the response you want. Instead, smile occasionally when speaking. If you are on the phone, let yourself smile now and again. It will relax both you and your client.

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