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Thank you for visiting Olinda Services.

I created Olinda Services to help professionals invest in their dreams and goals. I understand the chaos of juggling many hats. As a mom to five fabulous kids and Grandmom to five fabulous grandkids, I know how blurry the lines between personal and professional can get.

I know it is exhausting to worry about home life when you are at work, and then worry about work life when you should be concentrating on home and family! My goal every day is to help my clients gain clarity on their vision, put simple systems in place to keep on track, and move forward with the important tasks that need to be accomplished.

Do you recognize the need to partner with excellence? I highly recommend you schedule an exploratory call to see if we are a good fit. We can discuss your pain points, budget and strategy. I can then customize a statement of work for you.


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Services Provided

Schedule Management

Calendar management is vital to your business but can also waste a lot of your precious time. Going back and forth with someone to find the exact time that works for both of you drains you and doesn’t allow you to dream or create.

You need to be on time and on point. Share your calendar and we can block your time to keep you productive. This includes scheduling meetings, following up on invites to make sure all information is provided and confirming appointments.

Call Management

Calls can distract and drain you. They often keep you from your planning and distract you. What were you focusing on? It can take up to 20 minutes to refocused on what you were doing before.

Calls can be vital to building and growing business relationships, but unless they are scheduled someone else should screen your calls? We can work out a system to check voicemail, return calls and screen incoming calls. There are useful tech tools available to cut down on spam calls.

Travel Management

It is amazing how much time it takes to organize travel, but you need to grow a client or partner relationship and it is imperative that you meet in person.

We can serve as a liaison with your existing travel agent or do the research and legwork for you. A profile of your preferences can be maintained. Research for venues can save you hours of time. Event planners obtained to give you the professional polish your event needs.

We also have great connections with a fabulous corporate travel agency.

Document Management

Where did you file that contract? Did the proposal get sent you? Where are the package prices? You wish your documents where brilliant and timely.

Let us handle your proposals, spreadsheets, brochures, blogs, letters and other documents. We can proof, enhance and ensure that they are accurate, pertinent and attractive.

Need a PDF or convert an old PDF to a Word document? We can do that too!

Task Management

As business owners, we can get overwhelmed with recurring tasks.

Did you pay that bill? Does your domain service need to be renewed?

Let us develop systems to follow up on late payments, credit card failures, etc.? We can run key core processes in your business that are distracting and time consuming. We can organize documents, enter data, filter messages, follow up with clients and more.


Marketing is vital for a growing business, but do you need to be doing it? The business is YOU, but someone else can handle the minutia of posting material on your platforms. They can also evaluate whether a platform is really working for your business. You don’t have to be on every platform.

You had the dream of nurturing relationships on social media, but the constant flow of information overwhelms. You suddenly realize that 30 minutes has passed, and you lost your focus on those relationship goals.

Grow your online presence with scheduled social media posts and blog posts. We can provide WordPress website maintenance, recommend tools to help you grow your social media presence. Keywords can be set up, so you have the latest information on topics that are vital to growing your business and those relationships.

Let us give you a daily briefing on what is happening, so you don’t have to get bogged down with the details.

Client Concierge Services

Without your clients and business partners, your business will not grow. Your clients are the lifeblood of your business. We treat them extra special.

We can respond to email requests, follow up with a phone call, and even order them a special gift. Maybe you need an email sequence to help woo back past clients.

We find the right solution or work with your current system to give them optimal client services.

Board Management

Is your organization run by a volunteer board? These professionals help your organization grow, but quickly become overwhelmed with the day-to-day operations. They have day jobs that keep them busy. You don’t want to lose board members due to overwhelm.

We provide a solid foundation to help maintain records, schedule board meetings, organize agendas, arrange conference services, moderate calls, provide minutes, follow-up on action items and plan for in person events.

Strategy Sessions

Sometimes you would like to bounce ideas around to find that perfect solution. You need research to build a business case, but who has time?

Lisa Olinda, owner of Olinda Services, is a proven problem-solver; she is the Chaos Whisperer.

Need a business case developed? We can do that! Share your objectives and we will work with you closely to generate a plan and proposal to help you grow your business.

Our deep client integration enables us to study processes and make them more efficient.

Partner Services

Do you need something else?

Lisa Olinda, partners with subcontractors to help with graphic design, bookkeeping, transcription, social media management, and more.

Schedule a call today to see how we can help!