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Working with a virtual assistant can be a daunting task. You may be new to the virtual assistant industry or burned by a previous experience. We want you to be comfortable and know what to expect. Please review these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) before scheduling your appointment.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

The term “virtual assistant” covers a broad range of experience and expertise. Some virtual assistants are task doers. Lisa Olinda operates as a virtual manager, facilitator or COO. She implements solutions, but also forecasts and anticipates needs. She partners with clients to end complexity and chaos.

Lisa Olinda is licensed in the State of Delaware, United States.

What can you do?

You can visit our “Work With Us” page for a complete list of services. Olinda Services concentrates on C-Level Executive Assistance. Core services include document management, team building, travel management, calendar management and email management. These services embrace project management, marketing and systems.

Lisa Olinda, CEO of Olinda Services, is your main liaison.

Do you have partners?

Lisa Olinda partners with high quality subcontractors to provide graphic design, bookkeeping, transcription, social media management, website design and more.

Where did you get your training?

Lisa Olinda worked in corporate America with companies like JP Morgan and American Express. She has extensive experience with Non-Profit Boards and has helped establish several small businesses. She has over ten years of experience working closely with international clients.

The subcontractors in her company have worked with her extensively and are valued team members.

Do you work on weekends and holidays?

Lisa Olinda practices what she teaches her clients. With international clients she can be available for early calls, but she tries to maintain evening, weekends and holidays off. In special circumstances, exceptions can be made.

Do you provide backup when you are away?

Lisa always provides clients with two weeks notice if she is out of the office. Most work can be pre-arranged and scheduled.

Can you use my online tools?

If your online tools are cloud-based and available through the internet, we can accommodate.

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to reach Lisa is via email or the project management tool agreed on. Phone calls can be scheduled, if needed.

How fast do you respond?

During weekday hours, emails are responded to within 3 – 4 hours. Weekend emails will be handled first thing Monday morning, unless it is an emergency.

Can you access a company email account?

Yes, of course! Email is usually managed via Outlook or web mail. Correspondence with your clients will be seamless.

Who do you like to work with?

Lisa has worked with a variety of business partners over the years. She loves working the C-Level Executives, especially those involved in Non-Profits, action takers, bold, articulate, clear email communication, teachable, professional and ready to invest in the business and take it to the next level! Overall those with a stretch mindset.


Lisa firmly believes in building trust in her partner relationships. You will select a monthly retainer. If you run out of hours two months in a row you will be advised to move up to the next retainer level (or if you are working on a special project). Your plan will renew on the same day each month.

How Am I Billed

Billing is done through QuickBooks. Online payment can be made through your checking account (preferred) or a credit card.

Are your Plans Flexible?

The minimum hours available per month are 10. You can also purchase our Premium or Deluxe plan. You can upgrade, or downgrade as needed.

How do I Terminate My Work with You?

Our plans are renewed on a month-to-month basis with no long-term commitment. We request that you give two weeks’ notice if we are not a good fit for you.

Are there any Additional Fees?

Our plans are all inclusive. The only additional charges would be special projects which need a subcontractors’ input. That would be arranged on a case by case basis. Also, if travel is needed to a location, all travel expenses will be covered by the client. Any supplies purchased for a specific project or package shipping will be covered by the client.

How can I Protect my Company Information?

Lisa Olinda and all subcontractors will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) covering the protection of your information and intellectual property. In addition, the company takes advantage of cloud technologies and save information and files on cloud-based platforms like Dropbox. This means that your sensitive information is stored centrally rather than on an individual’s personal computer. If a project is complete or work terminated, all work will be removed from Olinda Services computers and backups within 30 days.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Looks Expensive

Yes, hiring a virtual assistant can be a major investment in your business. The goal though is to maximize their benefit, so you can find relief from the overwhelm of daily administrative tasks.

You do not need to pay an hourly wage, benefits, payroll, taxes, and time not worked (vacation, holidays, sick). You do not need to purchase equipment and furniture while adhering to mandates such as OSHA. Working with a virtual assistant is intended to be a convenient, cost-effective solution to your needs. My clients only give me the amount of work they need for the month.

Will I have to Train You?

Although I have over 30 years of expertise, I of course will need to be brought up to date on your systems. If you have never worked with a virtual assistant or an executive assistant, I recommend that you delegate in steps. I often advise potential clients to take a week and write down everything they are doing. Sort those tasks into what makes money and what doesn’t. Do you have something that bores you to tears and is not making you money? That is a great place to start.

With Lisa Olinda you will find a partner that is quick, efficient and detail-oriented. Lisa provides a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for each client detailing systems and processes as she masters them.

Work Successfully with a Virtual AssistantDo you Have Any Advice for Working with a Virtual Assistant?

If you delegate in increments, you allow trust to be built. Here are actions you can take to ensure a positive working relationship with your virtual assistant.

Do exactly what I ask.

Your first step is where you ask your assistant to only do a specific task. EXACTLY what you ask them to do. Nothing more, nothing less. Be very specific.

Example; make 500 copies of the digital file sent to via email at XYZ copy center and mail them to the XYZ venue.

Research and report.

Your second step is where you see if they can research a need and find a solution. You are not asking them to decide, just report back to you the information they find.

Example; find a vendor where we can get 500 copies of a digital file printed and couriered to the venue. How much will it cost? How long will it take?

Research, Report, and Recommend.

In this third step you are asking them to evaluate the research they did and make a recommendation based on their preference.

Example; same as step two but you are asking for their preference. This allows you to evaluate their decision-making skills.

Decide and Inform.

When you reach a certain level of trust, then you can give more latitude with assignments. Just require that they inform you of the decision made so you are not caught off guard. Don’t micro-manage the decision. If you have given complete information, trust their decision. Often, when we are frustrated with a decision, it is because we did not give clear expectations or guidelines.

Example; We need 500 copies of the digital file printed and couriered to the venue. We can only bill the client $250. Anything over $250 comes out of our pocket.

Freedom to Decide.

This is the ultimate freedom for you. You have built the level of trust where your assistant can just make the decision, leaving you free to focus on higher level tasks. To accomplish this, they will need to have access to information.

Example; They will need to access the contract where they can see the budget, who needs what and when.

If you have read through this and are ready to discuss your needs, please schedule a call today.

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