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Olinda Services works diligently to offer fresh, up-to-date and evergreen content to its readers and caters to the small business owner and entrepreneur running a growing company. Our target audience wants solutions that help them manage their business, bring order to their chaos and systematize their processes.

Our content categories include:

  • Executive Assistance
  • Document Management
  • Team Building
  • Travel Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Email Management

These topics embrace project management tools, marketing tools and systems that help a business owner thrive.

We encourage audience engagement. We want post titles that drawn them in or make them curious. Give our readers a reason to comment by asking questions.

Most importantly, we want you to be passionate about what you write.

Why Write for Us?

Share Knowledge: Olinda Services wants our readers to grow their business, manage their chaos and enjoy their lives. If you can change lives by sharing knowledge, what better thing can you do?

Build Reputation: If you’re an expert in your field, show our audience. The exposure can help you improve your reputation and authority.

Improve Social Presence: You’re probably already aware that each article is accompanied by an author bio. You can get a link to your own website or blog along with links to your social profiles like Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Facebook etc. Please note that the link in author bio can only be to your own website and would be nofollowed. Links to an article you’ve written, affiliate links, products links would be rejected.

Guest Post Instructions

Article Review

Olinda Services welcomes and encourages guest blogs on subjects related to C-Suite Executive Assistance. You may send your article that is between 750 and 1000 words, along with a brief author bio and relevant media to us through email at [email protected] and include “Guest Post” in the subject line.

  • Your article will be reviewed and posted to the site if it is considered suitable. You will be contacted if the post is accepted with a publish date. If you need it published by a certain date, please include that date in your initial email.
  • You may submit an email of your article before writing the entire post. Please indicate which category you are writing for, the proposed length of the article and your proposed SEO keyword.
  • Only well-structured and written articles will be accepted. The language should be easy to understand. Proofread/edit the article before submitting to us.
  • If your guest post has only one purpose, to promote a product or service, and contain nothing of value for the readers, we’ll not accept it.
  • Please only send original content. All work submitted must be your own work and not published anywhere else. This helps our search engine rankings by not having duplicate content and increases the chances of your post being accepted. This is checked.
  • The use of bullets, lists and short paragraphs is highly encouraged as it makes reading much easier. Please make sure you mark if you want to use <H2> or <H3> in the post.
  • Content should be free from profanity, sexual language, political endorsement of a party or candidate, political commentary, op-ed commentary on controversial social and/or political issues, and derogatory or inflammatory language.
  • Olinda Services reserves the right to reject or amend posts. Previously authorized articles can be removed from the Olinda Services blog without warning.


You may supply one images with your article. It must be your own work or from the public domain and both royalty and copyright free. All images will be checked through


It’s always great to include authoritative references to your article. Not only does the references help with SEO, but also let you develop a trust and authority before readers, who knows that your information is accurate and scientifically validified.

You must understand what qualifies as a valid reference. Scientific journals, articles or research papers by experts in their respective field (or niche), well-researched articles by a recognized establishment are valid references. Linking to a random blog (or your own blog) which is not researched adequately is not a reference.

You must include a numbered reference list at the end of the article, and NOT as hyperlinks in the article. You must superscript [or put in square brackets] the corresponding reference numbers inside the article over (or, after) the referenced text.


It’s a good practice to entrench the article with relevant keywords, but after recent changes in Google’s guidelines about the keywords use, you may want to use them only as necessary. Use the keywords smartly; no overuse, no under-use. You can also provide a list of keyword synonyms.


If you want to post an infographic you must understand that we’ll not embed an infographic from an external source. Please do not send us embed codes or external infographic sources. You can send the infographic as an attachment in email, along with an introduction text of minimum 300 words. You cannot add any external links in the introductory text.

Author Bio

Make sure you have provided an author bio when submitting your article. If you do not send a bio, the article will not be posted. Make sure the bio is no longer than 3 lines and 50 words. You may add up to three social links, and a link to homepage of your own website or blog.

The bio needs to be in a third person format and should introduce the author and not his/her website or a client’s website.

Again, you may send your article, along with a brief author bio and relevant media to us through email at [email protected] and include “Guest Post” in the subject line.