The Chaos Whisperer
Transform your chaos and deepen business relationships

Does this sound familiar?

You missed the deadline again. Your client isn’t happy, and you are afraid you will lose the contract? If only you could keep on top of everything.

Lisa Olinda

Every day, business owners struggle to find a work-life rhythm. Deadlines are not met, new contacts are not made, and your business is not growing.

Personally, and professionally, you perform a juggling act to get everything done. You are so busy with the busy work you have no time to ACHIEVE and focus on your long-term vision and clients.

I understand!

My name is Lisa Olinda and I am the Chaos Whisperer.

Olinda Services was created to help professionals invest in their dreams and goals. I understand the chaos of juggling many hats. As a mom to five fabulous children and Grandmom to five fabulous grandchildren, I know how blurry the lines between personal and professional can get.

It is exhausting to worry about home life when you are at work, and then worry about work life when you should be concentrating on home and family!

My goal, every day, is to help my clients gain clarity on their vision, put simple systems in place to keep on track, and deepen client relationship so that you have raving clients and a peace that everything is being handled.

Let’s work together to focus and erase the blurry lines between personal and professional. Let’s cut through the overwhelm and exceed client and partner expectations.

Let’s partner together to transform the business chaos into beautiful harmony.

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